Pet Policy Berkeley

University Park Apartments offers pet friendly apartments in Berkeley; however, only cats kept for companion purposes are permitted. No dogs are allowed, and no tenant will be permitted to keep more than 2 cats.

Tenants are responsible for and must immediately pay for all damages or injuries caused by their cat(s). In addition, each tenant who wishes to keep a pet must pay a $400 pet deposit upon signing the pet agreement. If the cost of repairing any damages caused by the cat(s) exceeds the pet deposit, management may use funds from the tenant's regular security deposit to cover the excess. If management uses all or any portion of the pet deposit or security deposit to cover any cat-related damages or expenses incurred by management during the tenant's tenancy, the tenant must immediately restore the deposits to their full, original amounts.

Cats are to be kept inside the tenant's apartment and are not permitted in the hallways, common areas, or on the grounds of the building except when traveling to and from the veterinarian, groomer, etc. In these cases, the cat must be confined in a safe, secure carrying case.

For our full pet agreement please inquire at the Leasing Office.

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